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L’ENVOL is a recognized public utility organization. It organizes adapted programs for young people with serious illness, from 6 to 25 years old, and for their family. Since 1997, it allows them to gain strength and self-confidence to live better during or after the illness and break isolation. L’ENVOL supports more than 7000 beneficiaries per year, for free, through adapted camps, hospital workshops, recreational field trips and surprise programs.

Our vision: allow children with illnesses to remain children, allow their family to gain strength and confidence.

Our mission: promote psychosocial development of children with illnesses and their family through designing and organizing adapted and secured programs based on recreational therapy.

Our values:

Offer adapted and entirely free holiday camps

In order to feel better and to feel more confident to overcome illness, L’ENVOL offers:

For children and teenagers with illnesses, medicalised and secured holiday camps to value their capacities and enhance and develop their self-confidence;
For caregivers, adults and/or under aged, camps and weekends to offer them social link and respite;
For young adults with illnesses, a weekend to take care of their health and of themselves, answer their questions about their future and meet other young people in their situation.

Camps calendar

Offer moments of escape and educational programs all year around

Recreational field trips offer a getaway in the daily life of families of children with illnesses. Exhibitions, shows, visits, those days dive them in other worlds and create professional, artistic or cultural aspirations and strengthen family ties.

Recreational field trips

Transform hospital time into quality time of entertainment and sharing

L’ENVOL is mobilized all year long to bring magic to hospital stays through creative, playful, interactive and participative workshops. The activities are adapted to children and teenagers, from 4 to 18 years old, all illnesses combined, so that everyone can benefit depending on their capacities and their envies.

Hospital workshops

Recreate L’ENVOL’s magic remotly

To face psychosocial health concerns linked to the 2020 health crisis and maintain children with illnesses’s social link, L’ENVOL offers adapted activity kits, delivered directly within hospital departments.

L'ENVOL in a kit