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For our 2018 summer camps, L’ENVOL’s children were welcomed in Saint-Charles private catholic school, in Athis-Mons, Essonne. The 181 children who benefitted the program were divided in 4 sessions between July and August.

These camps have several objectives for the children: to be more confident about themselves, to be more at ease with others and to feel stronger facing the disease, while having fun. To learn more about the positive impact of our camps, click here.

And no doubt they had a lot of fun! Treetop adventure courses, cooking and creative workshops, boat rides, making of a news broadcasts: all the ingredients were gathered to laugh, share, help each other, be thrilled and dream. Children came back from the camps feeling more independent and becoming more aware of their talents and abilities.

In 2018, reach for the stars!

We actually could see the stars in their eyes during camp sessions. Activities in relation with astronomy, both fun and educational, were organized throughout each session: observing the nocturnal sky, building water rockets, discovering constellations in a planetarium, participating to practical workshops… All ages were filled with wonder!